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London based jeweller Bianca Jones’ obsession of using jewellery to carry her loved ones with her stems from her nomadic upbringing throughout Asia. Using her training as a silversmith at Glasgow School of Art she creates Silver, Gold and Rose Gold jewellery to allow you to carry your loved ones with you. Bianca Jones Jewellery combines a love of classic, sculptural pieces and a love of metal. Every piece is intended to be interchangeable and personalised. Wear them stacked or solo to create your story.


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 Sawing the sprue off and never knew I did this dainty little finger thing?! How funny! . I’ve been in a bit of creative slump. Finally came out of it, hooooray! Does anyone else find running your own business emotionally challenging?! . Any top tips for how you get out of the murky creative slump would be greatly appreciated.️ . Geek note 🤓 The sprue is essentially a piece of wire soldered to your master (before the mound is made) so that molten metal has a way of flowing into your piece during casting! Placement of the sprues is important to make sure of adequate flow and that no dodgy bubbling occurs if the molten metal struggles to get round. 🤓 geeky friYAY over and out
 The perfect initial necklace  . Can I say that out loud?!
 This is who I am now ;) Someone who stands in front of pretty doors, trying and failing to do the blogger thing. Guys, I gotta admit it's harder than it looks  Ph  by the gorge ma horge  @stylonylon
 'If ever there is a tomorrow when we're not together. There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is even if we are apart. I'll always be with you.' Winnie the Pooh. . The biggest love to @lozbean01 for sharing ❤️


Red Magazine features fierce Bianca Jones Signet Ring

Bianca Jones Jewellery featured in Vogue, Elle, Telegraph, Independent, InStyle, Hello, Glamour, Red, Daily Mail, Grazia, Marie Claire and various Style Blogs.

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