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London based jeweller Bianca Jones’ obsession of using jewellery to carry her loved ones with her stems from her nomadic upbringing throughout Asia. Using her training as a silversmith at Glasgow School of Art she creates Silver and Gold jewellery to allow you to carry your loved ones with you. Bianca Jones Jewellery combines a love of classic, sculptural pieces and a love of metal. Every piece is intended to be interchangeable and personalised. Wear them stacked or solo to create your story.


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 When I was little, I had my own mash up language to talk to my dog + dolls. And now... I’m fascinated by the secret languages of gemstones + flowers. I’ve just learnt that hydrangeas are all about ❤️ heartfelt gratitude ❤️ Anyone know anything more about the meanings of flowers?! Let me know below 🤗 • Ps. I’m doing a super-quick, blink and you’ll miss it site-wide sale this week. Email me  to be the first in the know ✨
 My journey with jewellery began when I left my home in Hong Kong for a Scottish boarding school. Aged 13, it was culture shock at warp speed. Little things like not growing up on the same television or the same food were suddenly gulfs in translation. And experiencing winter!  Before I left, each member of my family gave me a bracelet for each wrist and a necklace. A circle of love that I could carry with me. To protect me. A constant reminder that they were with me in spirit. This chunky chain of love was my mama’s. A power piece of her love. Coupled with my bar of strength. Strength and love to get me through the day ❤️✨


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Bianca Jones Jewellery featured in Vogue, Elle, Telegraph, Independent, InStyle, Hello, Glamour, Red, Daily Mail, Grazia, Marie Claire and various Style Blogs.

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