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London based jeweller Bianca Jones’ obsession of using jewellery to carry her loved ones with her stems from her nomadic upbringing throughout Asia. Using her training as a silversmith at Glasgow School of Art she creates Silver and Gold jewellery to allow you to carry your loved ones with you. Bianca Jones Jewellery combines a love of classic, sculptural pieces and a love of metal. Every piece is intended to be interchangeable and personalised. Wear them stacked or solo to create your story.


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 I’m one of those slow burn type people. I like to take my time, to linger over my creations. And this collection has been that...  Creativity is filled with all these peaks and troughs of flow and of resistance. It’s kind of like sailing. ⛵️ Tack a little to the left, to the right and you’ll eventually get where you’re going, but it’s no straight line. At least not for me. The Compass Collection is all about that, finding your way through. A constant reminder that, one day, you’ll get there  {gold vermeil oval signet ring, silver + gold vermeil starbright rings, silver + gold vermeil compass ring, compass bracelets + necklaces coming soon} ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
 My mum was super glamorous and cool without really meaning to be. The sort of mother that you were kind of embarrassed by when you were the awkward child trying to fit in. And I hope to turn out just like her one day ~ This week, I’ve be raising a toast to all the motherless daughters, may we remember our mothers in unique ways everyday. (These are her amazing shoes) To all the wonderful women who’ve mothered me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my beautiful mum, I carry you with me everywhere . . . {large gold vermeil compass necklace coming soon}
 “An artist has to have a kind of sensual relationship with her material. She has to find material she can fall in love with - Anon” {silver heart signet ring, oval gold vermeil signet ring + gold diamond comfort studs}


Red Magazine features fierce Bianca Jones Signet Ring

Bianca Jones Jewellery featured in Vogue, Elle, Telegraph, Independent, InStyle, Hello, Glamour, Red, Daily Mail, Grazia, Marie Claire and various Style Blogs.

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