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Bianca Jones Letter Heart Necklace in Independent’s ten best Valentine’s Day jewellery under £70

We were thrilled to be featured in the Independent’s Valentine’s top ten jewellery for under £70!

Their verdict:

“We’d be very happy to open a Bianca Jones’ necklace this Valentine’s Day. The extra little touches make it an extra-special gift too.”

But what makes this necklace so extra special?

Letter Heart necklace in the Independent

Initial necklaces are a highly personal gift and are perfectly unique for your special someone. Each one of our initial necklaces is stamped with an old-fashioned letter punch, giving the necklace a beautifully vintage feel. Not only will your loved one adore their initial pride of place on their necklace, but our delicately decadent extra touch of the freshwater pearl, nestling by the clasp make this gift a sure-fire hit this Valentine’s day.

So a piece that’s unique, heartfelt and finished with pearl. What more could a girl possibly want!? Well how about personalised packaging and the necklace presented on a retro feel presentation card? You’d like that too? Oh go on then, we’ll personalise your necklace and the packaging too. It is the season for love after all!

The Letter Heart Necklace by Bianca Jones starts at £68

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