Our Guide to Precious Metals

Platinum Wedding Rings

Discover more about the world of all things jewellery with our guide to the wonders of the various precious metals used in our collections here at Bianca Jones Jewellery. So what makes a precious metal ‘precious’?

 Precious metals are very rare naturally occurring metals that also have very desirable characteristics – so it is no…

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Anchor Necklace, for those needing some extra luck

Anchor Charm

Anchor Necklace can carry great meaning as a symbol of both luck, hope and steadfastness. The symbolism of the Anchor Necklace goes back thousands of years. When a ship raises its Anchor, it represents a safe end of a long journey and marks the beginning of a new voyage and adventure. What is more, when a ship drops the Anchor…

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Jennifer’s Story: Love You More Necklace

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Love You More Necklace in Sterling Silver ‘My mom and I always get into a light-hearted debate each time we get off the phone. One of us says “I love you”, the other says “I love you more”, then we go back and forth and try to be the one…

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