Style Me Sunday and her honest, unedited view of life

Style Me Sunday and her gold Compass Necklace

One of the most inspiring fashion blogs around, Style Me Sunday mixes fashion with body positivity and family-friendly ideas. Style Me Sunday is packed full of colour and individuality. And it’s a great place to get inspiration both for your wardrobe and for the day ahead.  Founded by London-based Natalie Lee, Style Me Sunday has…

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The Compass Collection – 8 ways to wear it

Stylonylon wearing her Compass necklace

Created in collaboration with Stylonylon, our Compass Collection has taken inspiration from around the world. Our Compass Collection is handmade in London, it works perfectly with a wide range of outfits and makes a meaningful and beautiful present for the ones you love. If you’re lucky enough to have a Compass necklace or are thinking…

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Gold Initial Necklace perfect wedding wear : TOWN & COUNTRY

Gold Initial Necklace Town & Country

Bianca Jones Gold Initial Necklace chosen as ‘What to wear to a Town Wedding’ by Town & Country Gold Initial Necklace and Pearl Charm was inspired by the desire to make that perfect initial necklace. A teardrop disc with a high shine finish, hand-stamped with the letter of a loved one. And mixed with the Pearl, the…

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Alphabet Charm & Pearl Necklace, princess gift guide : HELLO!

Alphabet Hello Alphabet Charm & Pearl Necklace Charm and Pearl Necklace

Bianca Jones Alphabet Charm & Pearl Necklace features in Hello! Princess Gift Guide. It’s Princess Kate Middleton’s birthday and the good folks at Hello! have complied a handy gift guide for the Princess. Pleased as punch to see that my Alphabet Charm & Pearl Necklace makes it into their top spot. A classic teardrop shape with…

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