Compass Collection, with Stylonylon 

Stylonylon wearing her Compass necklace

Compass collection with Stylonylon. There are times in all our lives when we need a little direction. Whether we’ve lost our way or are trying to forge a new path, these turning points can be real defining moments. If someone you care about needs a little extra help to find their way, or if you’re…

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As Seen On the queen of sophistication Belle, of Honey Belle 

Honey Belle wearing her Compass necklace

As Seen On the queen of sophistication Belle, of Honey Belle  Our favourite piece this season, the Compass Necklace, has been spotted on another one of my all time favourite Instagram feeds, Honey Belle. Belle looks amazing as always, especially with the Compass Necklace around her neck.. so pleased to see she’s also a fan…

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Love You More Necklace, a Token of Love

love you more necklace

Love You More Necklace. The perfect saying to encapsulate the romance of the late 19th century. Show someone just how much you love them with this necklace that tells them exactly that. The Love You More Necklace is inspired by the quote ‘There is no remedy for love but to love more’ by Henry David…

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Jewellery of the Week: Triple Initial Necklace

Triple Initial Gold Necklace

Triple Initial Necklace in Rose and Yellow Gold Vermeil  Expected the unexpected with this timeless design. Triple Initial Necklace, new to the collection. In LOVE. Inspired by love tokens of the Medieval period, carry the initials of those you love with you always. Keep love mementos close to the heart.

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Latitude & Longitude: The Lost Art of Celestial Navigation

Birthstone Latitude and Longitude Necklace

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, mapmakers made their voyages guided by starlight, the sun and the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons all in orbit around the Earth. These early explorers were astronomers, following celestial navigation across oceans onto new lands otherwise untouched. This way of determining locations by the observation of celestial bodies is…

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The Jewellery Edit : VOGUE.CO.UK

Vogue Peace Necklace

Bianca Jones Peace Necklace features in First Look Elle UK – The Fashion Cupboard I’m still slightly in shock to be included as one of the 8 in Vogue’s Autumn/Winter Jewellery Edit with my Peace Necklace. Not only are there people on that list that I’ve respected for a long time but I’ve been reading Vogue…

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