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Emma’s Story: Diamond Initial and Starbright Necklace

Emma’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Diamond Initial Necklace and Starbright Necklace ‘These wonderful treasures were gifted to me by my husband and toddler Buddy. The ‘B’ speaks for itself but I had to searched nearly 3 years to find a diamond initial necklace that was a little something extra – and here it is!! Beautiful,… Read more »

Lauren’s Story: Forever Strong, Starbright & Peace Necklace

Lauren’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Forever Strong, Starbright & Peace Necklace ‘What I love most about my necklace is that I know that you designed it, made it, sent it and truly care about your customers experience! ✨ It feels personal, I adore the packaging and your note! ? Knowing it is not a mass produced and in fact… Read more »