The favourite birthstone necklace of cool mums

Christine Lampard birthstone necklace by Bianca Jones

Christine Lampard’s birthstone necklace Birthstone necklaces are one of the most intimate items of jewellery you can wear. Sitting on your chest, close to your heart, personalised necklaces can help you to keep loved ones close and show your nearest and dearest how much they mean to you.  One person who’s taken full advantage of…

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Wearing a personalised letter initial necklace: the trend is here to stay

Personalised Letter Initial Necklace

What were the earliest forms of the initial necklace? Personalised letter initial necklaces are one of the most fashionable ways that monograms show up in today’s’ latest fashion trends. The current mania for initial jewellery is a revival. While today we see monograms as a decorative way to embellish jewellery, the tradition of hand engraving…

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Initial Necklace – For the new Mama

Topaz Initial Necklace in Rose Gold Vermeil

Initial Necklace the perfect personalised gift for the New Mama. So many gift guides are packed with loveliness for the newborn little ones, but what about the new mama? They too deserve a treat. Particularly the new mamas who are powering through their day after sleepless nights after the much anticipated arrival of their little…

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Personalised Necklace For Your Girl

Latitude and Longitude Necklace in Gold Vermeil by Bianca Jones Jewellery

Personalised Necklaces, it goes without saying that every girl, whether a friend, wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter, loves to be treated, but nothing pleases us girls more than a gift which has a warm personal touch. For years jewellery has always had a way to find the door to a girl’s heart, and a personalised…

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Kate’s Story: Initial Necklace

Kate's Story

Kate’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Initial Necklace in Sterling Silver ‘My beautiful best friend’s bought me this initial necklace last year when my daughter was born. It has an ‘R’ on it, for Rosemary, my baby’s name. I absolutely love it and I’ve barely taken it off since – it’s my favourite piece of jewellery ever!’…

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Ruby Tuesday love : S Magazine

Bianca Jones’ Ruby Initial Necklace features in S Magazine pick of things we WANT this week We love our Ruby Tuesday necklace and so pleased that S Magazine does as well! The Ruby is the stone for July Births and has deep associations of elegance, royalty and glamour. Such values have been attributed to the…

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Lucy Watson Necklace: Diamond Initial Necklace in Yellow Gold

Lucy Watson wearing Initial Necklace

Lucy Watson Necklace: Diamond Initial Necklace in Yellow Gold With Made In Chelsea hitting our screens every Monday evening, it seems incredibly fitting that, who should pop up on our Instagram radar, but the very stylish, ever classy, chic, leading lady, Lucy Watson wearing Bianca Jones’ Diamond Initial Necklace in Yellow Gold.  This beautiful necklace with…

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