Compass Collection, with Stylonylon 

Stylonylon wearing her Compass necklace

Compass collection with Stylonylon. There are times in all our lives when we need a little direction. Whether we’ve lost our way or are trying to forge a new path, these turning points can be real defining moments. If someone you care about needs a little extra help to find their way, or if you’re…

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Our Guide to Precious Metals

Platinum Wedding Rings

Discover more about the world of all things jewellery with our guide to the wonders of the various precious metals used in our collections here at Bianca Jones Jewellery. So what makes a precious metal ‘precious’?

 Precious metals are very rare naturally occurring metals that also have very desirable characteristics – so it is no…

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Bespoke: Bianca Jones Double Circle Necklace in Yellow Gold

Double Circle Necklace

Bespoke: Bianca Jones Double Circle Necklace in Yellow Gold   This bespoke Double Circle Necklace came into being with a design inspired by Zen Buddhism, circles, or ‘enso’ that symbolise strength, elegance, and the universe. I love the teaching and symbolism behind Zen circles, and find it empowering that they are a reminder that when you…

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