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Lucy Williams, Fashion Me Now, wearing her Compass necklace with her Missoma pieces

3 Ways to Wear your Compass Necklace

3 ways to wear your Compass Necklace this Summer ~ Our Compass Necklace is a stylish and timeless piece. But it’s so much more than that! The compass symbolises the many journeys we take through life. It inspires us to be brave, take a new direction and move our lives forward. So we’re going to […]

Style Me Sunday and her gold Compass Necklace

Style Me Sunday and her honest, unedited view of life

One of the most inspiring fashion blogs around, Style Me Sunday mixes fashion with body positivity and family-friendly ideas. Style Me Sunday is packed full of colour and individuality. And it’s a great place to get inspiration both for your wardrobe and for the day ahead.  Founded by London-based Natalie Lee, Style Me Sunday has […]

Stylonylon wearing her Compass necklace

The Compass Collection – 8 ways to wear it

Created in collaboration with Stylonylon, our Compass Collection has taken inspiration from around the world. Our Compass Collection is handmade in London, it works perfectly with a wide range of outfits and makes a meaningful and beautiful present for the ones you love. If you’re lucky enough to have a Compass necklace or are thinking […]

compass ring in sterling silver and gold vermeil

Stylonylon gift guide for Christmas

Julia of the fashion blog Stylonylon has compiled a Stylonylon gift guide of last-minute gifts that would please anyone, and we’re in the hotlist! Thought I’d give you a little round-up of the other top picks in the Stylonylon Gift Guide! First up on her list of treats is the plant-based skincare brand By Sarah […]

Style Memos and her gold Compass Necklace

Monochromatic Style Memos and her compass

A look at the influential Instagrammer Style Memos and her compass I’m so happy to see Style Memos loving her Compass! Style Memos is founded by multi-talented, Brighton-based fashion fan Alexis Foreman. The perfect outlet for her creativity and her love of all things design. The blog has grown hugely in popularity and now inspires […]

Stylonylon wearing her Compass necklace

Compass Collection, with Stylonylon 

Compass collection with Stylonylon. There are times in all our lives when we need a little direction. Whether we’ve lost our way or are trying to forge a new path, these turning points can be real defining moments. If someone you care about needs a little extra help to find their way, or if you’re […]

Does my bum look 40 wearing her gold Compass Necklace

Kat Farmer of Does My Bum Look 40 is a busy woman

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram and a popular personal blog to maintain, Kat Farmer is a very busy woman. One of a growing number of midlife Instagrammers, she’s used social media incredibly effectively to build her brand, get her name out there and carve a new career path.  Not only is her story inspiring […]

Lucy Williams, Fashion Me Now, wearing her Compass necklace with her Missoma pieces

The Lowdown on Lucy Williams 

Boasting a whopping 377,000 followers on Instagram, Lucy Williams has a lot of influence when it comes to online fashion. Lucy started her blog just after finishing university. Originally, it was just a mood board for her fashion ideas and discoveries. However, the popularity of the site quickly grew and it’s now read by thousands […]

Erica Davies and her gold compass necklace

Ex editor Erica Davies edits The Edited

With over 15 years in the fashion industry under her belt, Erica Davies knows a thing or two about what to wear and how to wear it. The blogger now boasts over 120,000 followers on Instagram alone, with many more following her tips and advice on Twitter and on her own personal blog, The Edited.  […]

Honey Belle wearing her Compass necklace

As Seen On the queen of sophistication Belle, of Honey Belle 

As Seen On the queen of sophistication Belle, of Honey Belle  Our favourite piece this season, the Compass Necklace, has been spotted on another one of my all time favourite Instagram feeds, Honey Belle. Belle looks amazing as always, especially with the Compass Necklace around her neck.. so pleased to see she’s also a fan […]

Katherine Ormerod wearing her Compass Necklace by Bianca Jones Jewellery

As Seen On Fashion Queen Katherine Ormerod

Spotted! The queen of all things stylish Katherine Ormerod wearing our Compass Necklace. Super chuffed to see Katherine doubling up and layering the Compass Necklace with pretty jewellery. Keeping on trend as always. If you’re like me each morning, staring into my wardrobe wondering what on earth to wear, I’ve more and more turned to […]

Lucy Williams, Compass Necklace

Lucy Williams, on trend queen, loves our Compass Necklace

Lucy Williams, a fellow Londoner and ultimate queen of all things on trend has fallen in love with our Compass Necklace. Inspired by wild adventures and travel our Compass Necklace is hand carved with beautiful detail echoing the traditional compass. Once an important instrument and means of guidance across the unforgiving seas for young explorers. […]

Marie Claire features Gold Compass Ring

Gold Compass Ring : Marie Claire

Bianca Jones’ gorgeous Gold Compass Ring bang on trend in Marie Claire Warning: the flared trouser is back! But fear not, the flare revival is sophisticated and demure but we think it still requires a little bit of glamming up with accessories! Our gold compass ring fits the bill perfectly in Marie Claire’s ‘3 ways to wear […]

Compass, Airplane and Anchor Necklace in Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil

Date Idea 3 : Adventure into History

Navigate your way through history with our Compass Necklace this Valentine’s  Date Idea: Adventure back in time at The John Soane Museum Location:  Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London “A date at a museum?” we hear you cry! But, no this museum is different. The John Soane Museum is one of the most romantic spots in London. Sir John […]

Bianca Jones behind the scenes at Marie Claire

Behind the scenes : Marie Claire

Sneak peak behind the scenes of a Marie Claire shoot! Spy the Bianca Jones?   We were lucky enough to have our jewellery featured on Marie Claire’s Instagram #MarieClaireBehindTheScenes a few weeks back, which Bianca shared with all our lovely Instagram followers. Not only did a whopping 7 of our pieces get featured on the snap, but […]

Style Lane Compass Ring

Style Lane Shopping : Compass Ring

This week Style Lane loves Bianca Jones Compass Ring. We were super excited to see Bianca Jones’ stylish and extremely unique Compass Ring amongst the top picks of The Style Lane. Our beautifully hand made ring certainly captures the essence of the true wanderer. We also LOVE that The Style Lane has paired our Compass […]

S Magazine Compass Necklace

Compass Necklace Christmas styled : S Magazine

Bianca Jones Compass Necklace styled in Coming Home for Christmas – S Magazine The Compass Necklace gets lots of love in Anna Woodham’s gorgeous styling of classic, luxe Winter wear in S Magazine this weekend. Featured in every shot layered over shirts as well as with dresses. Love. “Travel first class in timeless tweed tailored jackets and ladylike blouses” […]