cassette tape

Cassette Tape Necklace, for retro loving girls

Cassette Tape Necklace reminds you of pool parties, Summer days, hot pants and roller skates. Retro cute. Perfect gift for the 80’s kids – bringing retro and inner cool. What is a Cassette for?  Initially, cassette tapes were solely a means of dictation. The sound quality of the slow-moving tape was not good enough to make it… Read more »

Cassette Tape Necklace, festival wear : Glamour Magazine

Bianca Jones Cassette Necklace selected for capsule holiday wardrobe wear by Glamour Magazine Loved seeing Cassette Tape Necklace in Glamour’s capsule wardrobe guide. Let’s get wardrobe planning – Summer holidays are HERE! Whoop! Check out Glamour Magazine’s selection here  And buy yours here…   

Cassette Tape : HELLO!

Bianca Jones Cassette Tape Necklace features is HELLO! Christmas Gift Guide “A quirky present for music-loving fashionistas, this retro Cassette Tape Necklace from Bianca Jones is a great gift. The playful piece if perfect for layering with other delicate necklaces.” Read more here Buy yours here… Read all about it here…