Starbright Necklace : Daily Mail

Bianca Jones Starbright Necklace headlines with Worn By Gods in the Daily Mail

Starbright Necklace gets the big headline of WORN BY GODS in the Daily Mail. Glad to see they love Starbright too!

“Jeweller Bianca Jones has taken inspiration from Greek mythology for her Starbright collection. All pieces are adorned with stars and you can choose from dainty earrings, rings, or the Double Star necklace, which comes with a decorative clasp.” 

Starbright Collection, my new look for Summer, was inspired by the Summers I spend at our house in the middle of nowhere on the Isle of Mull. Where the stars are the brightest you’ll ever see. There you can clearly make out the constellations whilst gazing up at the heavens in the middle of the night. Whilst you wonder about the legends and Greek mythology in the skies above you. The Starbright Collection is inspired by the story of Pleiades and how seven sisters literally became stars.

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