Shining Star Letter Bracelet : Hello! festival accessories

Hello! Magazine loves Bianca Jones’ sweet star bracelet

“Everyone’s a Star and deserves the right to Twinkle” (Marilyn Monroe)

So very true and the best way to show this, is through the Star Letter Bracelet by Bianca Jones.  This beautiful piece is the essential, personalized gift to protect and encourage our very own bright young stars.  Whether it is a loved one or just for us, this bracelet is the perfect protection while we continue along our destined journey to follow our dreams, while shining as brightly as the stars themselves.

Don’t take our word for it, Hello! says

We love this sweet star-shaped bracelet from Bianca Jones – because every one is handmade, you can personalise it with your initials and choose it in gold or silver, perfect if you want a unique piece! 

Hello Letter Star Bracelet