Signet ring cool : Debrief

Bianca Jones’ Heart Signet Ring and girls make for a hot combo in The Debrief


Heart Signet Ring in Debrief



Back in the day signet rings were used by powerful men to stamp their initials onto documents, so signet rings had become much less appealing in the 21st century, because really who needs a document seal when we communicate over e-mail or by text?

However, the style of the signet ring still remains a classic; durable, sturdy and very imposing, the strength of the design has definitely not diminished over time. But let’s be honest, it was in need of a bit of a style update, which is exactly what we’ve done with our new Heart Signet ring.

We’ve done away with the initials and the über-masculine overtones and made this ring all about the ladies.  We’ve taken the ring design back to basics, revealing its gorgeous curves and strong shape. We’ve also added a whole lotta love with a glorious heart, painstakingly hand carved into the silver of the ring.

What’s resulted is a new wardrobe staple. Signet rings have always been intended to be worn everyday and our Heart signet is no exception. It’s the perfect accessory for your everyday wardrobe, big enough to make a statement, but small enough to be practical for everyday wear. It’s durable too, made of sterling silver, so like us women, it is strong and will withstand all the tests life throws at us!

And it’s not just us that think so, Fashion Editor @Charliebyrne406 featured our ring on The Debrief

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