The Seventh Chakra, the Crown

The Seventh Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra and located at the top of your head or crown area.

Crown Chakra Birthstone Necklace

The colour of the seventh Chakra and symbolism

This Chakra is represented by the colours violet and is said to be symbolised by sacred spirits. The Seventh Chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body and links us to the highest guidance, said to be your place of connection to God. Crown Chakra, the Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny.

Crown Chakra Birthstone Necklace

How the seventh Crown Chakra influences us

The Seventh Chakra influences spiritual will, inspiration, idealism and celestial knowledge

When the Crown Chakra is balanced we are released from ego-driven desires; we can trust in our highest guidance and know that we are being guided in all that we do. If the Seventh Chakra is not working properly, we will instead be governed by ego rather than being influenced from the highest guidance. As a result, this can cause us to become unsure of our self’s, reducing our self-confidence and creating fear and anxiety. It can create negative influences in the physical this can be seen in the form of apathy and problems with the understanding and retention of knowledge.

Crown Chakra Birthstone Necklace

How you can balance the Crown Chakra and inspire connection with the universe

We can help to balance the Crown Chakra by spending quiet time in meditation and connect with your inner self, higher self, spirit guides. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from others to help you, or question matters you to make sense of your problems. Your answer may come to you immediately or may come later as an Aha moment. Try to set aside time regularly to do this, and in time this will become standard practice to you and answers will flow freely to you. Practice makes perfect. The Crown Chakra also relies on the other six Chakras to be also balanced to ensure that the Chakras in perfect harmony.

Crown Chakra Birthstone Necklace

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