Ring Size Guide

We have created a handy ring size guide to size your finger at home. It shows you two ways to find the size you will need. Firstly by creating a paper gauge to size your finger yourself or by using an existing ring that you know fits to discover it’s size.

Download our printable Ring Size Guide here

Sizing Your Finger

Making a paper ring gauge at home

paper ring size guide gaugeCut around the Finger Gauge Outline. A handy tip is to cellotape the boxed area before cutting it out. Then cut a slit where indicated between the two arrows on the left of the Finger Gauge Outline.

To get an accurate reading – size your finger at the end of the day with warm hands. This is because cold fingers are slimmer and may give an incorrect reading.

Ensure the paper can slide up and down your finger reasonably easily, the width of the ring will grip your finger more than the paper! Remember you will have 28 days to return your ring for sizing up or down.

Alternatively if you would prefer to use a plastic finger gauge, we will send one to you. Fill in the Ring Sizer Form below.

Sizing A Ring

Sizing an existing ring that you know fits

ring size guide ring sizer from existing ringUse a ring that fits the finger you wish to size.

Place the ring on the circles until you find one where the black circle touches the inside of your ring all the way round.

Request a Plastic Ring Gauge

Or if you would prefer a plastic ring gauge to be sent to you, please fill in the form below:

Ring Size Table

If you already know your size in a different country this chart will show you the international ring size conversions.

MeasurementsRing Conversion Table
1 3/444.53444414.0f
1 25/3245.23.56455.514.5g
1 13/1646.04747715.0h
1 7/847.64.5848915.5i
1 15/1649.259501015.8j
2 1/1652.4612531316.5l
2 3/3253.26.513541417.0m
2 1/854.0714551517.3n
2 3/1655.67.5155616.517.8o
2 1/457.2816571818.0p
2 5/3257.828.517581918.5q
2 5/1658.7918592019.0r
2 3/860.39.5196021.519.5s
2 7/1661.91020612220.3t
2 1/263.510.5226223.520.8u
2 9/1665.11123632521.0w
2 19/3265.911.524642621.3x
2 5/866.712256627.521.8y