Holly and Matt

“Although we’d been together for over 5 years, Matt had never bought me a piece of jewellery before, partly because I’m so hard to buy for and partly because I’ve got quite a collection as it is! But when my birthday came around in March this year, I knew he was stuck for what to get me so I took this as a chance to find something really special that he could buy me. A colleague at work had recently been given an initial necklace which I absolutely loved so I asked her where it was from and when she said Bianca Jones I headed straight for the site. There wasn’t actually a preview of the H necklace but seeing all the other letters, I knew it would be beautiful. And so started the hinting to Matt. I thought I was quite subtle about it, but turns out subtle is not my forte! Still, it worked and when my birthday finally arrived I was presented with a beautifully wrapped box which I hoped housed my new pendant necklace. I removed the wrapping and found a lovely Bianca Jones branded box, and nestled inside among tissue and padding for protection, was my shiny new gold pendant necklace! I’m so so pleased with it, it’s the perfect colour of gold and goes really well with some of my other jewellery, so sometimes I layer it up too. I get so many compliments on it and wear it nearly everyday! Being the first piece of jewellery that Matt ever bought me makes it very special to me so I always keep it stored back in the box each night. Plus it obviously gave him the confidence to buy jewellery for me as 2 months later he proposed with the most beautiful engagement ring, couldn’t be happier”