Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery be it the personalised necklace or bracelet is a special gift. I have made many personalised necklaces bought for girls as little as one upwards, with the aim of it being a special, personal piece that they can wear right through to when they are in their teens. A little personal treasure, complete with keepsake box and a beautiful suede pouch to keep it safe.

Personalised Initial Necklace

A personalised initial necklace, simple in it’s elegance. Made from a weighty sterling silver disc embellished with a hand-engraved initial. The classic gift perfect for anyone. Proven to be the foolproof present for christenings, 18ths and 21sts.

Personalised Birthstone Initial Necklace

The personalised birthstone initial necklace has a hand-engraved initial adorned with a star set precious birthstone. An ideal way to celebrate a special birthday. To personalise your gift we have the full-range of birthstones on offer. Perhaps mix and match by personalising a piece with your initial and embellish with the birthstone of a loved one that you want to carry with you. For example, I’ve just handmade an initial necklace for a daughter from her mother. The necklace was hand-engraved with the initial of the daughter and personalised with her mother’s birthstone, the Diamond, for April. A beautiful personalised necklace signifying the special love of the mother.

Double Disc Personalised Initial Necklace

Double disc necklace, why not double up the people you care about. A disc for each of your loved ones. We just made a two disc necklace with an initial and birthstone for each child, worn long on a 16” chain. We can always add more discs. Personalising two discs can also make a great engagement gift for your finance with a disc for each of your initials. Get in touch if you want to create a personalised necklace with more then two discs.

Co-ordinates Necklace

Co-ordinates necklace, engraving the latitude & longitude of a special place (perhaps the birth place of your mother, the place you met your partner, your wedding location – that meaningful place to you) on to a stirling silver disc. You can choose between Latitude and Longitude or GPS co-ordinates to be engraved. Choose to further personalise with a precious birthstone.