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Bianca Jones Diamond Initial Bracelet featured in Red Magazine

Red 12 days giveaway

Over Christmas we were lucky enough to be featured in Red Magazine’s #RedGiftmas giveaway, with one lucky reader winning our divine Diamond Initial Bracelet. This is one of the best giveaways we’ve been part of, as many of the other designers featured were other amazing British brands. Britain long has a tradition of great design and we were honoured to be featured along with amazing British brands such as Boden and Donna Ida.  

For us being a British based designer is a badge of honour and we wear it with pride. But that doesn’t mean just mean being inspired by Britain and British things. For us British design is all about looking beyond our shores too, finding inspiration from our adventures around the world and bringing that back to the bench, to make jewellery to be worn and shared by those who have adventure in their soul but feel their hearts belong in Britain.

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