Oval Signet spied : Telegraph

Bianca Jones’ Oval Signet Ring makes it into the Telegraph Fashion i-spied

Our gorgeous Oval Signet has been spied by the Telegraph and makes it into their exclusive I-SPIED Fashion sectionthe list for the best of fashion and beauty.

Oval Signet Ring in Telegraph


Signet rings used to carry great significance and were often the means by which power and authority was transferred to heirs of an estate or business, so traditionally rings were passed from father to son.  We like our Oval Signet a little bit too much to give it away just yet…so we’ll be keeping hold of it for the foreseeable future!

We love the simplicity of the ring, but don’t be fooled; this ring really packs the impact punch. We love wearing ours on our pinkie, contrasting the cute little finger with this impactful, no nonsense ring.

Why not make your ring unique to you by having your initials engraved on it? Then it will always be yours, no stealing/ borrowing/ hand-me-downing possible!

Our Oval Signet is available in silver or gold vermeil. Prices from £140. Get it here

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