How about a touch of romance with Rose Gold?

Our personalised rose gold necklace gives everything you wear a touch of romance, after all, any piece becomes even prettier when in the rosy pink shade. Rose gold jewellery has made some notable appearances throughout history and was first introduced during the nineteenth century in Russia. At the time it was commonly referred to as… Read more »

Choose the right Birthstone for your Initial Necklace

Bianca Jones Birthstone Initial Collection in detail Birthstone Initial Necklace is bound to make someone feel above and beyond. Our piece is hand engraved with a scrolled initial of your choice and beautifully embellished with a precious brilliant cut gemstone in a victoriana style setting. Gemstones and jewellery have been a part of our history… Read more »

We’re in nautical love with our Anchor Necklace

Anchor Necklace is our nautical favourite, carrying great values as a symbol of luck, hope, and steadfastness. With such symbolism, the Anchor Necklace makes for the perfect gift for someone seeking stability and support in the moment of change and adventure. The creation and use of the anchor date back millennia, with the most ancient… Read more »

For the adventurer in your life, the Compass

Compass Charm is inspired by travels and adventures. Follow your path with this carved solid Carved Compass Charm. Perfect for those setting off on a journey near or far. The Compass has long been a significant maritime symbol, popular among early sailors. A token of protection and good luck for their voyages across some of the… Read more »

Need a symbol of true love? Meet the Love Heart Necklace

Love Heart Necklace perfectly simple. A symbol of true love and affection. ‘Take a Lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magic’ – Freda Kahlo. Inspired by quotes of romance and love. Love Heart Necklace is inspired by the most iconic symbol of love, the heart. During ancient times it was believed that the heart was the… Read more »

Trish’s Story: Bumble Bee Necklace

Trish’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Bumble Bee Necklace in Sterling Silver ‘I wear my bumble bee every day – I love it because it makes me think of my best friend who gave it to me. And I feel it symbolises Spring, flowers, beautiful smells and growth.’ We love hearing about your jewellery stories and… Read more »

Justine’s Story: Diamond Initial Bracelet

Justine’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story: Diamond Initial Bracelet ‘The first time I saw the Diamond Initial Bracelet collection, I fell in love. I got so lucky to get a Diamond Initial Bracelet as a birthgift of my daughter Brune with the date of the birth at the back and the little diamond symbolises how precious… Read more »

Liza’s Story: Diamond Initial Necklace

Liza’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Necklace: Diamond Initial Necklace ‘My boyfriend gave me my beautiful diamond initial necklace. The initial S is for my son. And on the reverse is engraved with “Alskade” which means Beloved in Swedish as he is our beloved son. It’s very sentimental for me and I wear it everyday. Every time… Read more »