Which Chakra are you guided by? 

Have a read of our helpful Chakra guide that will take you through each of the Seven Chakra’s and their symbolism and meanings.    For those wanting more confidence… If you feel you are missing stability and confidence in your life at this moment in time, the first Chakra, known as the Root Chakra or Base… Read more »

The Woodland Wife, Birthstone Initial Necklace 

The Woodland Wife, otherwise known as a go-to blogger for all things inspired by wild nature and the beautiful outdoors effortlessly styles our beloved Birthstone Initial Necklace. This piece has been inspired by traditional Victorian love tokens, with a hand engraved scrolled initial of choice, and further personalised with a brilliant cut sparkly gemstone in… Read more »

Our Guide to Precious Metals

Discover more about the world of all things jewellery with our guide to the wonders of the various precious metals used in our collections here at Bianca Jones Jewellery. So what makes a precious metal ‘precious’?

 Precious metals are very rare naturally occurring metals that also have very desirable characteristics – so it is no… Read more »

Lucy Williams, on trend queen, loves our Compass Necklace

Lucy Williams, a fellow Londoner and ultimate queen of all things on trend has fallen in love with our Compass Necklace. Inspired by wild adventures and travel our Compass Necklace is hand carved with beautiful detail echoing the traditional compass. Once an important instrument and means of guidance across the unforgiving seas for young explorers.… Read more »

What Birthstone Guides your Month?

  J A N U A R Y 

 Garnet is the precious gemstone for January. A deep crimson stone full of warmth said to bring friendship, sincerity and loyalty to the wearer. If you are lucky enough to be born in January, then you are also blessed with a stone that carries protective virtues,… Read more »

The Art of Secretly Working Out Ring Size

If you are at a loss as to how to work out your partner’s ring size without her knowing, you’re not alone. To help you get the perfect ring for your loved one without ruining the surprise here is a guide to help you get it just right. Ring Size Guide On our Ring Collection… Read more »

The Seventh Chakra, the Crown

The Seventh Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra and located at the top of your head or crown area. The colour of the seventh Chakra and symbolism This Chakra is represented by the colours violet and is said to be symbolised by sacred spirits. The Seventh Chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body… Read more »

The Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye

The Sixth Chakra, located at the centre of your forehead at eye level linking the eyebrows is known as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. The colour of the sixth Chakra and symbolism The Third Eye Chakra’s colour is Indigo, a combination of red and blue, representing the element of the mind and light, and… Read more »

The Fifth Chakra, the Throat

The Fifth Chakra is located at the base of the neck within the throat. The colour of the fifth Chakra and symbolism The Throat Chakra’s colour is blue or turquoise and is represented by the blue Vishuddha Mandala, otherwise known as purity, and is also symbolised by the human race. It is concerned with the… Read more »