Need a symbol of true love? Meet the Love Heart Necklace

“Take a Lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magic”
– Freda Kahlo

Need a symbol of true love? Meet the Love Heart Necklace

Love Heart Necklace is perfectly simple. Inspired by quotes of romance and love. A symbol of true love and affection.
Inspired by the most iconic symbol of love, the heart. One of the unique things about the heart symbol is that it is somewhat difficult to draw freehand, so no heart symbols look alike. No love for one another is the same, each bond in a relationship is a love that is unique – making it that extra little bit more oh-so-special.

How did the heart become the shape that we all know and love? 

During ancient times it was believed that the heart was the centre of emotions. The Egyptians thought that the heart was the source of the soul and memory, feelings, and personality, at the centre of the human body. Since love is an intense emotion, the heart became the symbol of love and remains so today. The shape of the love heart is recognised all over the world as a symbol of romantic love and affection. The historical origins of the heart form are fairly difficult to source. Some believe the iconic pictogram derived from ivy leaves. It was this shape eventually adopted as the symbol of medieval courtly love and romance, growing with popularity during the Renaissance. In some cultures, and today with the ’emoji’ phenomenon, people use the Love Heart symbol to replace the word ‘love’.

The heart is undeniably the ultimate way to show just how much someone means to you. Give a token of love for the one that means most. Love Heart Necklace makes for a super sweet gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister and best friends. For any occasion. Perfect for your everyday jewellery look.