Lucy Watson Necklace: Heat Magazine

Celebrities clamour for Bianca Jones’ disc necklaces

Not just one but two of our necklaces were featured in Heat magazine this month; our One and Only necklace and also one of our Diamond Initial necklace. The eagle eyes at heat spotted our two pieces on Instagram on Eliza Doolittle and Lucy Watson.

Heat Magazine features Lucy Watson and Eliza Doolittle wearing Bianca Jones

These two style bunnies seem to be both drawn to the same thing, the simple elegance of the disc. Although similar in shape, each necklace carries has its own special meaning. The One and Only necklace is intended for that super special someone in your life, to declare to that world they are your one and only. The Initial Necklace can be stamped with an initial, be that your own or that of a special friend or lover, to mark a special moment or to simply celebrate you!

So now the question is, which disc will you choose?

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