Most LOVED jewellery: Alexander Calder

Most loved jewellery of the week –

Brass and steel wire earrings created by Alexander Calder (1948).
Simple. Sculptural. Captivating.

His grandson, Sandy Rower, who runs the Calder Foundation, said of Calder

“He felt that the physical object, like his sculptures, were imbued literally with his personal energy and to copy it would be just that, a copy. It wouldn’t be the same thing.

“Each piece is designed by him and made by his own hand and they’re all made by hammer, not made by casting, they’re not reproducible.”


Image Source: Calder Jewelry by Alexander S C Rower (2008), p. 135.

Did you get to see Calder’s Performing Culture exhibition at the Tate?

If not… don’t worry you can make it to all exciting UK first exhibition of Calder’s jewellery at The Boldness of Calder at the Louisa Guinness Gallery, London, 27 September-5 November. See you there!

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