Most LOVED jeweller: Line Vautrin

Most Loved Jeweller of the week –
Line Vautrin

It has been said that Vautrin has the ability to ‘transform humble materials into miracles of beauty and imagination’ and we totally agree. Vautrin’s love of handiwork has produced a range of jewellery that is utterly unlike anyone else’s: handmade in a variety of substances from gilt to bronze to resin, and in forms inspired by ancient Greek coins, medieval folk art, animals, and word-games.

Some of our favourite pieces are from the Love and Wisdom Collection. These are a selection of rebus powder compacts made during the 1950s. They have been embossed with a hidden message that needs to be decrypted to be understood… the secrecy made us fall in love these pieces even more.

Line Vautrin Rebus Powder Compacts

Image Source: Line Vautrin Sculptor, Jeweller, Magician, Line Vautrin and Patrick Mauries, Thames and Hudson (London, 1992), p. 46-47.

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