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Bespoke Jewellery to tell your story / Handcrafted modern heirlooms  / Handmade for you, by me in London / Glasgow School of Art trained Jeweller & Silversmith / Sterling Silver & Recycled Solid Gold
"mementos to keep close to your heart" VOGUE UK


Love More – The Stories Behind Your Jewellery

  • Jennifer

    “My mom and I always get into a light-hearted debate each time we get off the phone. One of us says “I love you”, the other says “I love you more”, then we go back and forth and try to be the one to say it and hang up first. I have the most wonderful…

  • Sam

    “I was given a beautiful letter teardrop necklace with my daughters initial as a christening present from her godparents. Such a lovely gift, but best of all is that I get to wear it until she is old enough! A beautiful special gift that we can both enjoy.”

  • Zoe

    “I love Bianca’s swallow earrings and I always wear them when I teach a yoga class. There are lots of bird poses in yoga and they, like Bianca’s earrings, remind us to be playful and have fun.'”

  • Juju

    “The first time I saw this collection, I fell in love with them and was dreaming about bracelets and necklaces in Gold and Silver… All of them! I was so lucky to get one for the birthgift of my daughter Brune with the date of her birth on the back. I love it so much…

  • A

    “We met and fell in love in secret. Nobody knows our story or why we used alias’s when we first fell deeply for one another. We married recently and I wear my heart necklace every day. It reminds me of the love of my life and our special story” Ax

  • Kathryn and Jennifer

    “My little sister bought me this beautiful necklace for my 30th birthday. She told me that she chose it as, even though we live at opposite ends of the world, her in London me in Sydney, that the Stars we see are the same. I love it. I wear it every Friday as that’s when…

  • Holly and Matt

    “Although we’d been together for over 5 years, Matt had never bought me a piece of jewellery before, partly because I’m so hard to buy for and partly because I’ve got quite a collection as it is! But when my birthday came around in March this year, I knew he was stuck for what to…

  • Emma, Hubby & Buddy

    These wonderful treasures were gifted to me by my husband and toddler Buddy. The “B” speaks for itself but I had searched for nearly 3 years to find an initial necklace that was that little something extra- and here it is!! Beautiful, with that personal handmade feel. I know I will wear it for ever.…

  • Trish Bumble Bee


    I wear my bumble bee every day – I love it because it makes me think of my best friend who gave it to me. And I feel it symbolises Spring, flowers, beautiful smells and growth.