Letter Necklace, for the lover of all things monogrammed

The Letter Necklace is the perfect gift idea for the lover of all things monogramed, and for a special someone you want to spoil & impress with your thoughtfulness. A personalised gift where you can’t go wrong. Our Initial Collection fits the bill perfectly, choose a letter to be hand engraved on a disc, so the wearer can carry and proudly display the letter around their neck always. The letter could be the recipient’s initial, their childs’, best friend, or simply someone who bears great importance in their life so they can be reminded of them as they wear and treasure the letter necklace.

The person you were planning on giving the Letter Necklace to already has a favourite necklace they are never not seen wearing? Check our Initial Collection to see what letter jewellery options we have available. Can’t choose a single initial to be hand engraved? We have just the thing, Double Initial, Triple Initial or Double Disc Initial Necklaces, where discs are doubled up. Loving the layered up look trend this season and these new pieces are the perfect fit for those wanting to purchase a letter necklace. For something extra special than a letter necklace, you can choose to adorn the discs with a special gemstone to give the piece a bit of sparkle, just like the star who deserves the personalised  jewellery you are gifting them. Diamond Initial Necklaces are available and symbolise eternal love, or go even more personal and choose a Birthstone Initial Necklace, to be embellished with a birthstone of your choice as well as a hand engraved letter.

Simple yet elegant style makes them a timeless gift for any occasion.

letter necklace