Latitude & Longitude: The Lost Art of Celestial Navigation


Since the time of the ancient Greeks, mapmakers made their voyages guided by starlight, the sun and the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons all in orbit around the Earth. These early explorers were astronomers, following celestial navigation across oceans onto new lands otherwise untouched.

This way of determining locations by the observation of celestial bodies is the origin of latitude and longitude coordinates.

Knowing that a particular place has been predetermined by the movement of starlight, and the  story of time, makes your favourite place that little bit more precious.

This inspired us to hand engrave solid discs of precious metals, embellished with star set gemstones reminiscent of a compass and stars from the skies above.

Carry a special location with you always with our new Latitude and Longitude Necklaces. A treasured piece given that it is marked by the natural wonder of the celestial heavens.

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