Jewellery of the Week: Charms by Alice Kwalter

Love Token Charms by Alice Kwartler

We have totally fallen in love with these charms by Alice Kwartler. Kwartler has sold the finest antique gold and diamond jewellery for over forty years. We picked out some of our favourite charms from her collection…they make for the most beautiful love tokens for that special someone in your life.

Alice Kwartler Charm Collection


Top Left Charm
14k Yellow Gold and set with beautiful deep blue sapphires and sparkly diamonds. Embossed with the endearing message ‘qu’ hier que demain’ meaning ‘More than yesterday, Less than tomorrow’.

Top Right Charm
Charming charm made from 14K yellow gold.  A figural heart spinner, engraved “I Love U” — spin the arrow to find the answer: “Yes, No, MayB.”  The spelling is common now, but very unusual at the time this was made. Super cute.

Bottom Left Charm
Lovely heart charm for the one you love most.  18K yellow gold, set with a diamond and two rubies. ‘Qu’hier’ and ‘que demain’ … ‘More than yesterday, Less than tomorrow’.

Bottom Right Charm
Endearing clock charm, with the message ‘Time To Say I Love You’. Time numerals are shown by figural hearts that have been embossed on the 14K yellow gold. Embellished with a deep red garnet, also January’s Birthstone, to add a special detail.


Oola oh so pretty… we want them all!

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