Introducing January Birthstone Garnet Initial Necklace

What is January’s birthstone?

The Garnet is the month of January’s birthstone. Full of warmth with its deep crimson tones. If you are blessed with this as your birthstone, believed to bring friendship, sincerity and loyalty to the wearer. January babies are known for their dedication and love of those around them. This ties with the world of gemstones; with the Garnet being the truly the precious ‘friend’ amongst the birthstone gems, symbolising eternal friendship, truth and purity.

Ancient legends have it that a Garnet stone was fixed on the mast of Noah’s Arc, it’s brightness lighting up the voyage through day and night. Such folklore meant that the Garnet is the perfect charm for you young curious travellers.

What does the word Garnet mean? 

The word ‘Garnet’ itself derived from the Greek word ‘granatum’ meaning pomegranate seed, mirroring the size, shape and the burgundy colour of the crystal. Garnets are one of the most beloved gems, being used since the Bronze Age. During the Roman World and the Victorian period, they were traditionally used heavily in jewellery.

Garnet Initial

Garnet Initial Necklace or Bracelet for those born in January.

A birthstone believed to bring order to chaos boosts energy levels and also symbolises regeneration

If you are lucky enough to have this deep crimson gemstone as your birthstone, then you are blessed with a protective stone, helping to protect the wearer from evil. An ancient symbol of friendship and everlasting affection.

Although commonly thought of as a single stone, Garnet refers to a group of several closely related minerals which occur in shades of green, red, yellow and orange. However, the most widely-known colour of Garnet gemstones is dark red.

Garnet is believed to get its name from Latin for “seed” due to red garnet’s similarity to a pomegranate seed

Used since the Bronze Age, and red Garnets were the most commonly used gemstones in the Late Roman world, often used inlaid in gold cells in style often called garnet cloisonné, found from Anglo-Saxon England to the Black Sea.

Garnet Initial Necklace or Bracelet embellished with the stone of love and devotion is said to be an ancient symbol of friendship, encompassing everlasting affection. Such symbolism of this gemstone makes the Garnet Initial Jewellery a unique gift for a treasured person in your life.

By her who in this month is born
No gem save garnets should be worn;
They will ensure her constancy,
True friendship, and fidelity.

Taken from Gregorian Birthstone Poems