Initial Necklace – For the new Mama

Initial Necklace the perfect personalised gift for the New Mama. So many gift guides are packed with loveliness for the newborn little ones, but what about the new mama? They too deserve a treat. Particularly the new mamas who are powering through their day after sleepless nights after the much anticipated arrival of their little one. When a new bundle of joy enters the world it can be very easy to get carried away buying teeny tiny outfits and soft cuddly bears for the littlies, but lets not forget the mums. We are shifting the focus onto all the new mamas out there. Go on, she totally deserves it.

Topaz Initial Necklace in Rose Gold Vermeil for the new mamaInitial Necklace makes for the perfect gift for a special mama to celebrate the birth of her little one, hand engraved with a scrolled initial of their loved one. Worried about what style of jewellery the recipient prefers? Fear not as the Bianca Jones Initial Necklace is a timeless classic. Every girl loves a piece of jewellery and you are taking it up a notch by adding the extra personal touch. A thoughtful gift that any new mama would treasure, the sentiment of keeping her loved ones close by carrying the initial of her little one around her neck is sure to put a smile on her face.

Are you searching for a gift for the Mama with an upcoming arrival? December’s birthstone is Topaz Blue. Available in both yellow and rose gold vermeil a truly stunning gift.

Here’s Justine’s Bianca Jones Jewellery Story & her Initial Necklace to celebrate the birth of her little one.
‘The first time I saw the Diamond Initial Necklace collection, I fell in love. I got so lucky to get a Diamond Initial Necklace as a birthgift of my daughter Brune with the date of the birth at the back and the little diamond symbolises how precious she is to me. I now always have a part of Brune when I wear this necklace. Can’t wait to have other children to get new ones and will mix with silver and gold.’

Initial Necklace by Bianca Jones Jewellery, for New Mamas to treasure forever.