Get lucky with our Anchor Necklace

Anchor Necklace is our nautical favourite, carrying super high values as the symbol of luck, hope, and steadfastness. The ideal gift for that special someone needing that little bit of stability or success in their adventures.

Let’s go right back to the origin of the Anchor and just how it became such an important shape…

The sleek and smooth Anchor we are so familiar with today was not quite so sophisticated back in the day. Way back in the Bronze Age, the most ancient anchors were merely rocks and boulders. Ancient Greeks were also pretty crafty and used baskets of stones or large sacks filled with sand. All these anchors had shifted aside when the King of Phrygia first designed the Anchor that slightly resembles those of today, with ‘two teeth’. As the timeline of anchor design continually evolved throughout the years, it is fair to say that our Anchor resembles ‘Rodger’s Anchor’. Named after British Admiral Captain Roger, Rodger’s Anchor had an excellent reputation among nautical men of the period used by the British Admiralty in the 19th Century.

So now we know a little more about the origin of the practicality of the Anchor, what about the all-important symbolism?

The symbolism of the Anchor Necklace dates back thousands of years. When a ship raises its Anchor, it represents a safe end of a long journey and marks the beginning of new voyages and adventure. The anchor is the lifeline of the ship keeping all safe from the unpredictable elements of the sea waves, tides and currents. The Anchor Necklace can be said to bring stabilisation to the wearer and grounds those individuals who may be surrounded by uncertainty. So why not give a friend, sister, daughter or mother the Anchor Necklace to remind them that you are there to help support them and guide them with whatever decisions they choose to make.

Adventure and change springs to my mind when I think of an Anchor. We raise the Anchor, be bold, strong and venture into a new stage in our life. A time full of hope, excitement, dreams, expectation, imaginings, and aspirations. The value of faith that is carried by the Anchor encourages and inspires one to follow the course and plans we have made. Be steadfast in your vision of pursuing your new dream and hopes of your future.

Want to make your anchor necklace even luckier?

If you want to go the extra mile with the Anchor Necklace as a gift, why not layer up the Anchor Necklace with some other charms to make the gift an incredible personal delight. The Anchor Necklace and its’ symbolism of luck, can be layered up to create that extra lucky necklace. The Anchor and Four Leaf Clover Necklace encompass all things lucky. For many many years, the Four Leaf Clover has been considered a symbol of luck and good fortune. Carry this sentiment of luck around your neck with you always by treating yourself to our Anchor and Four Leaf Clover Necklace.

Want to get lucky in love?

Or even better, as an old myth states, by giving a symbol of luck such as the anchor and four-leaf clover to someone else, your chance in love is said to double. Get lucky in love by doubling up with our Anchor and Four Leaf Clover Necklace. The perfect gift for a friend, daughter or niece or just someone needing some extra luck.

Keeping the faith…

An option for a triple charm necklace that includes the anchor is our Faith Hope Charity Necklace, a popular choice for christening gifts, especially goddaughters. Or perhaps, this piece could be the ideal gift for a new mother to wear until their little one is old enough to wear it herself. The values of faith, hope, and charity are symbolised in this necklace with a cross, all about keeping the faith, a love heart and anchor for hope and charity. Be forever safe and protected from harm with our Faith Hope Charity Necklace.

Need a gift for that globetrotting traveller?

So she’s an avid traveller, hopping from country to country (yes I’m jealous too)… capture her appetite for wild adventure with our travel inspired Necklaces. The symbolic nautical charms are our Anchor and Compass Necklace. As a token of protection and good luck, the compass was of great importance for sailors and their voyages across the unforgiving seas. Together, the Anchor and Compass Necklace, symbolises hope and adventure, making for the ideal necklace for the traveller in your life. Encourage others to chase their dreams.

Something that is a little more special is the Anchor and Latitude and Longitude Necklace. The Latitude and Longitude charm are hand-engraved with the coordinates of a special place to you. Inspired by the time of ancient Greeks, explorers studied the lost art of celestial navigation and were guided by starlight. Knowing that the coordinates of your chosen location are determined by the starry night sky above gives the Latitude and Longitude Necklace Charm that extra special touch. Together the Anchor and Latitude and Longitude Necklace makes for the ideal gift for the intrepid globetrotter in your life. Mark out the location of their next adventure with hand engraved coordinations on the Latitude and Longitude Charm, and wish them luck on their journey with the Anchor Charm. Anchor and Latitude and Longitude Necklace, an exceptional piece for a lucky lady.

The Anchor Necklace is a timeless classic from the Bianca Jones Jewellery Collection that will be cherished forever. Change up the Anchor Necklace, by doubling up with charms and personalisation to create a unique gift carefully chosen and designed by you. A piece that will be loved by anyone and lucky to receive!

A H O Y L U C K! X