Fettes Signet Ring

Fettes Signet Ring

Community. A word which has echoed for me as long as I can remember. My true understanding of it, however, came only once I realised just how much the time I spent at Fettes has shaped who I have become. Whether a boarder, a day pupil, a member of staff or a Governor, all play a crucial role in sustaining and creating the unique experience which is attending the College. Yet, what is most extraordinary is the way in which your belonging to Fettes does not end on your Founder’s Day. Regardless of whether you join as a youthful prep schooler or solely for the sixth form, every pupil leaves as a Fettesian.

It is exactly the concept of being a ‘Fettesian’ which sparked the desire to contribute to this legacy. One of the many ways in which ex-pupils are brought back together is through Old Fettesian Dinners, an event I would urge all who have left to attend. It was at this year’s Tayside dinner that I was lucky enough to be seated across from Dawn Beaumont, OFA Co-ordinator, the backbone to this project. The idea behind the school signet ring was an attempt to embody the community that is Fettes; whether in Edinburgh, Hong Kong or London. Old Fettesians will be able to take with them a part of the College, and a reminder of this great community. With each ring blending the history of the institution with the personal.

Thanks to Dawn, what began as simply a small idea has now been beautifully crafted by the fantastic designer Bianca Jones (CW 1992-95), who writes:

‘I was so very pleased to be asked to be involved in this project, as it so much encapsulates what jewellery symbolises to me. The concept that jewellery is a tangible reminder of who you are, and where you have come from, is very important to me. I had a cross-cultural upbringing, and attending Fettes brought some much-needed stability and a sense of community to my life, one that still resonates with me today. I wanted to convey that feeling in the designing and making of these rings. They have been crafted in such a way that they are incredibly tactile and moulded with smooth rounded lines – as though they were part of your hand, and essentially a part of your life – as Fettes is.

Each signet ring is handmade and will be personalised with your details of attendance, creating a heritage piece that you can keep forever in the precious metal of your choice.’

Carla Bannatyne (In-CE 2005-13)

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Fettes Signet Rings are available in both men and ladies sizes, with starting  prices of:
Sterling Silver – £280
9ct Yellow Gold – £720
18ct Yellow Gold – £1,180