Covid update :)

Hi there!

Thank you so much to all the customers, who have had such unbelievable patience with me during this time. I feel like I’ve run from calamity to calamity. I moved home to get help with my asthma, moved studio twice – with a lovely, yet hard 70-minute cycle to get there. My bike then got stolen, meaning I couldn’t travel to my studio. When I finally got a new bike (bikes are hard to come by right now!), I sprained my foot, which left me unable to walk.

Fortunately, more annoying calamities than anything too serious but just everything has slowed, and I am so thankful to people being so kind and patient.

I hope you are all coping ok, as I’m sure you’re suffering from a relentless hard run of circumstances and cabin fever. I am hopeful that you are all well and safe.

I am so happy to say that on the whole, things are back up and running albeit a little slower, down to everything – such as my casting company, Assay office, post office – being on reduced staff and hours. Coupled with my engravers and setters still working from home – so I’m sending pieces back and forth rather than being able to drop and pick things up quickly.

My prices have undergone a revision, due in part to the gold price rising during the pandemic and a general late revision that was well overdue.

As always, thank you. And if you have any thoughts or questions, just fill in the box below 🙂