Compass collection collaboration with Stylonylon

Compass collection collaboration with Stylonylon. I can finally announce with a skip and a jump that the collaboartion with Stylonylon is out in the world!

Compass collection by Bianca Jones

Redesigning the collection 

This Compass Collection has been so so hard. It’ s something that has been super emotional, embracing the work that’s in my heart. The pieces that I’ve been longing to make, but I’ve been too scared… too vulnerable to try. The compass collection is all about that feeling of being lost and needing a guiding hand to lead you home. Both Julia (the face behind the fashion blog Stylonylon) and I grew up all over the world and have that same sense that jewellery can provide that calm, reassuring presence. That’s what I hope these pieces bring. The photographs that we took have been beyond my wildest dreams, filled with sunny days and all the creative feels. We made a beautiful lookbook of all the photographs – view them here. So I’m stepping into the light and seeing how it feels. Wish me luck!

Julia and I first connected over Instagram with a mutual appreciation of each other’s style. She adored my Compass necklace, and I mentioned to her, that it was a piece that I have always wanted to spend more time over – to show what I imagined it to be and expand it into a more significant Compass Collection.

View her post about our Compass Collection and all her beautiful pictures here. 

Compass collection by Bianca Jones

Four guardians of the four compass directions

I began by re-designing the actual Compass piece. Making each point of Compass clearer and more defined. In China, the four guardians of the four compass directions date way back to at least the 2nd century BC. The Turtle is the emblem of the North, the symbol of longevity and wisdom. The turtle’s shell represents the vault of the universe.

The Dragon is the emblem of the East and corresponds to Spring.

For the South, the spiritual emblem is the Phoenix or Red Bird, associated with Summer, fire, and carrying sentiments of knowledge and good fortune.

And finally the Guardian of the West, the White Tiger, observing the world with clairvoyance, symbolic of the virtue righteousness.

Compass collection by Bianca Jones

Rings of latitudes 

In the dip that the Compass sat in, I added rings of latitudes. Imagining our place in this world. Almost like the compass itself was perched in a specific place amidst the circles of latitudes. There’s a beautiful tactile nature to the piece – and so soothing to rub your finger over. Each dip and curve symbolising places near and far. It’s a story that our life is not always smooth, and there will be tragedy and triumphs. We will experience them all. Like a boat trying to get to its destination, tacking a little to the left, a little to the right. Eventually, if we hold firm – we will get to our destination. And I’ve always believed that pieces of jewellery can have that talismanic quality, that reassuring quality to remind us to stay strong, that our loved ones are with us and our sense of comforting home.

Compass collection by Bianca Jones

Precious gemstones

For the Compass Collection, Julia and I decided to add the power of gemstones to each piece – with three stones to represent Find Yourself (Pearl), Know Yourself (Garnet) and Love Yourself (Lapis Lazuli)

We choose each of these stones based on their natural powers. The precious blue Lapis Lazuli is all about happiness, joy for life and vitality – precisely what you need to Love Yourself. The pure white Pearl is all about wisdom through experience, purity, and integrity – all about Find Yourself. The faceted Garnet keeps the wearer safe, gives courage and strengthens relationships – perfect to Know Yourself.

I expanded the Compass Collection into hoops – which I completely adore; the movement is beautiful and the simple hoop balances with the detail of the Compass. A pair of simple studs. A bracelet and pendant – both available in the Midi size with each of the individual stone combinations, each piece is engraved on the reverse with its specific mantra and up to two initials of your choice. A Baby sized Compass pendant – which is perfect for layering or just a simple detail to wear. A Large Compass size – gorgeous for those who like to wear their necklaces a little longer and can be personalised on the reverse with beautiful script lettering initials. Both the Midi and Large Compass are available plain or with your empowering stone of choice. Hold fast.

Compass collection by Bianca Jones