12 Days: Giveaway

12 Days: GIVEAWAY We are starting Christmas early here at Bianca Jones Jewellery. Watch this space for giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To get things started and to celebrate the launch of the Latitude and Longitude Collection we will be holding a Birthstone Latitude and Longitude Necklace giveaway from the new collection. Ooola! Check out the… Read more »

Jewellery of the Week: Triple Initial Necklace

Triple Initial Necklace in Rose and Yellow Gold Vermeil  Expected the unexpected with this timeless design. Triple Initial Necklace, new to the collection. In LOVE. Inspired by love tokens of the Medieval period, carry the initials of those you love with you always. Keep love mementos close to the heart.

Latitude & Longitude: The Lost Art of Celestial Navigation

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, mapmakers made their voyages guided by starlight, the sun and the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons all in orbit around the Earth. These early explorers were astronomers, following celestial navigation across oceans onto new lands otherwise untouched. This way of determining locations by the observation of celestial bodies is… Read more »

GIVEAWAY : £300 to spend on our lyrical collection

Warning: Christmas is on it’s way! But fear not, we’ve got you COVERED with a competition that will kickstart your Christmas shopping. How do you fancy having £300 for you and your bestie to spend on our new lyrical pieces of your choice? To enter, just follow these four easy steps! 1. Click HERE to head to our Instagram… Read more »

Diamond Initial Necklace : Wedding Magazine

“We’ve teamed up with jeweller Bianca Jones to offer one lucky winner this stunning 18ct Gold Vermeil & diamond Initial Necklace, worth £158.  Hand- engraved with a delicate scroll of your initial and adorned with a dainty brilliant cut sparkly diamond with a dainty brilliant cut sparkly diamond in a Victoriana star cut style setting.… Read more »