Gift Guide

For the adventurer in your life, the Compass

Compass Charm is inspired by travels and adventures. Follow your path with this carved solid Carved Compass Charm. Perfect for those setting off on a journey near or far. The Compass has long been a significant maritime symbol, popular among early sailors. A token of protection and good luck for their voyages across some of the… Read more »

Need a symbol of true love? Meet the Love Heart Necklace

Love Heart Necklace perfectly simple. A symbol of true love and affection. ‘Take a Lover who looks at you like maybe you are Magic’ – Freda Kahlo. Inspired by quotes of romance and love. Love Heart Necklace is inspired by the most iconic symbol of love, the heart. During ancient times it was believed that the heart was the… Read more »

The Style Lane: This Week We Love

The Style Lane: This Week We Love – Triple Initial Necklace Soooo excited to see our Triple Initial Necklace featuring in the Style Lane ‘This Week We Love’ gift guide, just in time for Christmas! yipee! Can’t quite believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year. Last orders for our Initials are today. So if… Read more »

How to measure your ring size and find the right necklace length for you

Guidance on Sizes for your Jewellery When buying gifts for loved ones or even yourself, it can be difficult to know what size works best and most appropriate from simply reading the measurements. So here is a little guidance on sizes for both chain lengths for necklaces and ring sizing. We want to make sure… Read more »

Topaz Initial, for those born in December

Topaz Initial Necklace for all those born in the depths of the winter. There are in fact three precious gemstones that share the title of the December birthstone;  Zircon, Blue Topaz and Turquoise. Each of the three are still commonly used as birthstones, although Topaz has become the standout favourite due to its value and… Read more »

Double Initial Necklace, for the one you love

Double Initial Necklace, personalised jewellery for the one you love most.  Jewellery always makes for the most ideal gift for any girl, whether that be a gift for your best friend, sister, daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend, god daughter and so on. As lovers of jewellery, girls often have a favourite necklace they wear day in… Read more »

Stylist: Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Stylist: Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Diamond Latitude and Longitude Necklace, a secret set of co-ordinates just between the two of you Super chuffed to have a feature in Stylist Christmas Gift Guide 2016. Our Diamond Latitude & Longitude Necklace has definitely become a hot favourite from our new collection of pretty pretty jewels. Inspired by the… Read more »

Charms, the best gifts come in small packages

Charms make for a very easy little gift & everyone knows the best gifts come in small packages so are sure to go down a treat. A single charm symbolises unforgettable moments or captures their personality which makes for a touching present for someone special or a luxurious stocking filler or secret santa gift. Perfect… Read more »

Butterfly Necklace, spread the happiness

Butterfly Necklace is hanging caught mid-flight capturing their magical nature. Butterflies are one of the most magical and cherished creatures. Symbolic of transformation, spiritual rebirth, creativity, potential, joy, change, ascension and an ability to experience the wonder of life. Undoubtedly they have a magical presence as they gently dance in the air from flower to… Read more »

Citrine Initial, for those born in November

Citrine Initial Necklace or Bracelet for those born in November. November is another greedy month for birthstones; it has two, Yellow Topaz and Citrine. Oh so spoilt for choice you November babies. Topaz is said to be a stone of truth and happiness. The name Topaz is said to be of Sanskrit origin and the… Read more »

Triple Initial Necklace, personalised for someone special

Triple Initial Necklace, personalised for someone special Our Triple Initial Necklaces are new to the collection and are quickly becoming a new favourite. This necklace makes for the ideal thoughtful gift for that someone special in your life, whether that be your sister, mum, wife, girlfriend, best friend, daughter, god daughter… and so on. Show… Read more »

Personalised Necklace For Your Girl

Personalised Necklaces, it goes without saying that every girl, whether a friend, wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter, loves to be treated, but nothing pleases us girls more than a gift which has a warm personal touch. For years jewellery has always had a way to find the door to a girl’s heart, and a personalised… Read more »

Diamonds, the ultimate gemstone

Diamonds, the ultimate gemstone to make your piece of jewellery that extra bit special. One of the most loved stones from the gemstone world, sparkly and simply gorgeous. It’s no wonder. Diamonds are not only beautiful and entrancing but they are said to be one of the hardest substances on earth. For thousands of years now… Read more »

Bee Necklace, for the sweet one in your life

Bee Necklace reminds us to slow down, smell the roses and taste the super sweet nectar of life. Bees are considered extremely auspicious throughout the world. They have played an important part in symbolism since Ancient times. Ancient folklore believes that the bumble bee, particularly the honey bee symbolises community, love, brightness, royalty, and the wealth of knowledge and… Read more »

Birthstone Initial Necklace, for the Lover of Gemstones

Birthstone Initial Necklace is bound to make someone feel above and beyond. Hand engraved with a scrolled initial of your choice and beautifully embellished with a birthstone makes this personal gift that extra bit special. Find out more about the meaning and folklore behind each birthstone on our other blog posts. Can’t choose which initial… Read more »

Coordinate Jewellery, for the Globe Trotter

Coordinate Jewellery makes for the ideal gift for the intrepid globe trotter. Latitude & Longitude Necklace hand engraved with the coordinates of a special place to you. Inspired by the time of ancient Greeks when explorers travelled by starlight – the lost art of celestial navigation – where the sun and eclipses of Jupiter’s moons… Read more »

The Times: Fashion Guide

The Times: Fashion Guide, Diamond Latitude and Longitude Necklace So so happy to see that our new Diamond Latitude and Longitude Necklaces have already appeared in style guides! Spotted our new piece feature in The Times Fashion Guide, in the ‘Work’ edit. And this necklace is certainly a go to statement accessory to make your… Read more »

Pink Tourmaline Initial, for those born in October

Pink Tourmaline Initial Necklace or Bracelet is the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones born in October. Surrounded by surrounded by autumnal colours as summer fades away, the Pink Tourmaline and its’ hues of pink serve to remind us of the turning of the season to warm oranges, reds and yellows of the autumn… Read more »

Ruby Initial, for those born in July

Ruby initial jewellery, the birthstone for July births and has the deep associations of elegance, royalty and glamour. In fact it is one of the four official precious gemstones along with Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires. Rubies are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. It is believed that wearing a fine red Ruby bestows… Read more »

Alexandrite Initial, for those born in June

Alexandrite Initial Jewellery, as the most popular of the gemstones for the month of June, is the ideal personalised necklace or bracelet for June babies. Alexandrite is associated with balance, confidence, and joy. It has a remarkable ability to dramatically change colour in different lights. It can be green by daylight and red by incandescent… Read more »

Emerald Initial, for those born in May

Emerald Initial Necklace or Bracelet, the verdant green stone for those born in May. “All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald”, St. Hildegard of Bingen once said. Emerald is considered to represent youth and symbolises hope and the future; renewal and growth. Emerald has been a source of fascination and reverence in… Read more »

Aquamarine Initial, for those born in March

Aquamarine Initial Necklace or Bracelet is the birthstone for those born in March. Aquamarine embodies all things connected to the sea. The serene colour of aquamarine is said to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and level headed. So if you are born in March you can wear your birthstone and revel in its… Read more »

Amethyst Initial, for those born in February

Amethyst Initial Necklace or Bracelet is the ideal personalised gift for all those February babies. The Amethyst strengthens relationships and signifies peace, serenity and temperance. The divine lilacs and hints of green found in the Amethyst stone are sure to relax those who admire such a precious jewel. Qualities of comfort and protection that the… Read more »

Garnet – the stone of January and crimson tones

The month of January’s birthstone, the Garnet, is full of warmth with its deep crimson tones. If you are blessed with this as your birthstone it is believed that it brings friendship, sincerity and loyalty to the wearer. January babies are known for their loyalty and love of those around them. This ties with the… Read more »