Ruby Tuesday love : S Magazine

Bianca Jones’ Ruby Initial Necklace features in S Magazine pick of things we WANT this week

We love our Ruby Tuesday necklace and so pleased that S Magazine does as well!

S Magazine Ruby Initial Necklace

The Ruby is the stone for July Births and has deep associations of elegance, royalty and glamour. Such values have been attributed to the stone since ancient folklore where the Ruby has been regarded as the ‘king of gems’, believing it to be the most precious of stones. According to legend, the Emperor of China Kublai Khan once offered an entire city in exchange for a single ruby. Essentially the stone of nobility the ruby is often thought to signify a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity.

The Ruby’s deep shade of red has helped to bestow feelings of romance since ancient times, hence why rubies have been known to symbolize love and passion. Old folklore also believed that the deep red colouring of the ruby is an inextinguishable flame representing the sun. The fiery red epitomizes the hot heat of the summertime, perfect for you July babies born in the summer sunshine.

Such stories and tales from ancient times reveal just how special the Ruby truly is, making for a wonderful romantic gift to give to a significant other.



S Magazine features Ruby Initial Necklace


S Magazine features Ruby Initial Necklace