Best Friends Personalised Necklace – For Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Personalised Necklace for your best friends, the ones that are the most important people in your life. Yes, a true friend is a priceless gift itself, but what if something big happens in their life, you may love to give them a gift to commemorate their special day and to remind them just how much you love them. Yeah, you know each other inside-out, BUT they can still be SO difficult to shop for. We talk to, call, and message our besties every day, but when it comes to gifts, the pages and endless suggestions on the internet can become a never ending reel of ideas which most often ends in us panic buying last minute… and although appreciated, another bath set only adds to her 3 year stash of bath salts! So, instead of being that friend this time around, score major BFF points by giving something that she’ll treasure forever and ever, the Best Friends Necklace. Give a gift that carries great meaning and celebrates your true friendship…

Best Friends NecklaceEvery gal loves a piece of jewellery, and there’s a good chance that she loves monogrammed things, so lets make it something a little bit more unique with this personalised necklace.

Latitude and Longitude personalised necklaces are a chic way of commemorating a memory shared with your BFF. First place you met, a place full of laughter and happiness, a holiday and traveling trip you’ve shared or simply your favourite coffee shop where you share all your secrets – why not get the coordinates of this place hand engraved to carry the memento with you? Show them that even if you’re apart you’ll always be with them with this personalised best friends necklace.

Here’s Lauren & her friends, close since primary school days, and their Bianca Jones Jewellery Story…

‘For our 21st birthdays me & my besties got each other a Birthstone Latitude & Longitude Necklace with the coordinates of the place where we first met & owe for bringing us all together all those years ago, and our own personal birthstone. Secret Latitude & Longitude coordinates to remind me of my truest & closest friends still causing totally fun chaos together today’

Best Friends Personalised Necklaces by Bianca Jones Jewellery. One for her, the other is for you.